Immigration Law – complex of mandatory rules that set conditions and procedures for immigration to Ukraine of foreigners and stateless persons. Immigration’ shall be understood as arrival at Ukraine or stay in Ukraine of aliens and stateless individuals according to the established procedure with the purpose of the permanent residence.

A work permit

A work permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Legal Status of an Aliens” establishes that legal entities may employ foreign citizens only after  obtaining work permit, except  cases provided for  by the  law. Using the work of foreign citizens a permit in the manner prescribed by law […]

Obtaining permanent residence permit

Obtaining a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine offers to foreigners and stateless persons substantial advantages. One of these advantages is the fact that a foreigner or a stateless person swimmingly at any time may come to Ukraine without visa. And also there are the following advantages: The length of stay on the territory […]