Civil Law is the branch of law that regulates, on the basis of private law, property and personal non-property relationships. The subject of the civil law constitute the social relations which are regulated by civil law. The subject of civil law defined in Art. 1 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU). In accordance with Part. 1 of this Article civil legislation governs “personal non-property and property relations, based on legal equality, free will, property independence of their participants”.

Rental agreement (Tenancy)

What is necessary to know about rental agreement (tenancy)? The main provisions, governing  legal  relations  of  rental agreement (hereinafter Tenancy), are established  in Chapter 58 “ The rent” (lease),  and 59 “The rental agreement” of the Civil Code of Ukraine (hereinafter – CCU). Herewith, the requirements of the Chapter 59 of the CCU relate to […]

Consumer`s rights protection

Because of the fact that consumers (people who purchase goods and services) do not know their rights, dishonest sellers use this. To explain Your rights as a consumer and avoidance violations of Your rights, we suggest you to read the following article. According to Art.9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumers’” a […]