System of legal rules, which consist in single legal act – Criminal code of Ukraine, defines general principles, basis and conditions of crimanal responsibility, actions that are recognised dangerous, that is criminal, kinds and proportions of criminal punishment fot these actions, as well as conditions of exemption from criminal responsibility.

Liability for narcotic drugs use

(as of 04.03.2016) The national drug strategy till 2020 is called for humanization of anti-drug legislation, for focusing more on treatment but not on punishment for narcotic drugs use. However, this does not mean that “use” or other actions connected with narcotic, psychotropic substances or their analogues do not involve inception of juridical responsibility. According […]

Pilfreage or theft

You need to know the differences between petty theft (pilferage), which is considered as an administrative offense and theft, which entails criminal penalties. Art. 51 of the Code of Administrative Offences contains the concept of petty theft – stealing someone else’s property by theft, fraud, misappropriation or embezzlement.