Obtaining permanent residence permit

Obtaining a residence permit on the territory of Ukraine offers to foreigners and stateless persons substantial advantages. One of these advantages is the fact that a foreigner or a stateless person swimmingly at any time may come to Ukraine without visa.

And also there are the following advantages:

  • The length of stay on the territory of Ukraine is not limited by a period of short-term stay on the territory of Ukraine (90 days out of 180, since the first entrance);
  • No need to obtain a permit for the employment foreign citizen (work permission) in official employment in Ukraine;
  • The absence of restrictions on moonlighting positions, caused by work permit;
  • Permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine eliminates expenses on the health insurance, visa fee, which are  mandatory for foreigners and stateless persons, who enter the territory of Ukraine, etc.;
  • The validity of certificates of permanent residence is not restricted, unlike the temporary residence permit, which shall be renewed each year;
  • Certificate can be exchanged only by achieving 25 or 45-years of age.

A permanent residence permit is issued on the basis of the immigration permission.

Permission on immigration – the decision of the specifically authorized central executive body of immigration issues and its subordinate bodies, which grant the right on immigration to foreigners and stateless persons.

Permission on immigration is provided for certain categories of immigrants or within the immigration quota established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or outside of the immigration quota.

The first group – persons of the immigration quota (list of categories under the quota referred to in Article 4 of the Law) – there are:

  1. scientists and cultural workers, whose immigration is in line with interests of Ukraine;
  2. specialists and workers with high qualification, who are acutely needed for the economy of Ukraine;
  3. individuals, who made a foreign investment into the economy of Ukraine in the amount of at least one hundred thousand (USD 100,000) US dollars registered according to the procedure specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  4. full blood  brother or sister, a grandfather or grandmother, or a grandchild of citizens of Ukraine;
  5. individuals, who have been citizens of Ukraine earlier;
  6. parents, a spouse of an immigrant and his/her minor children;
  7. individuals, who have uninterruptedly resided on the territory of Ukraine for three years since the date of their obtaining the refugee status in Ukraine or the asylum in Ukraine, as well as their parents, spouses and minor children residing together with them;
  8. victims of human trafficking (after 3 years since the establishment of such status).

The second group – individuals who may be immigrants in addition to the quota.

An immigration permit shall be issued in excess of the immigration quota to the following parties:

  1. a spouse, if another spouse, to whom  he/she has been married since two years, is a citizen of Ukraine;
  2. parents and children of Ukrainian citizens;
  3. individuals being guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine or those who being under guardianship or trusteeship of citizens of Ukraine;
  4. individuals entitled to the citizenship of Ukraine by virtue of their territorial origin;
  5. persons whose immigration is  state interest for Ukraine;
  6. Foreign Ukrainians ,their spouses, their children in the event of their total entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine.

If you are a person who permanently reside outside Ukraine, to enter, you must first get permission to immigrate. After that, the diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine in its appeal draws an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is valid for one year from the date of its registration.

An application for an immigration permit shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. The application for registration of a residence permit in Ukraine;
  2. A passport document or an identity document of stateless person (after the presentation its returned), and a copy;
  3. Ukrainian translation page of the passport document of an alien  or an identity document person without citizenship, personal data, duly certified;
  4. A copy of the decision on granting the immigration permit;
  5. Receipt of payment of state fee or a document certifying the payment of its benefits;
  6. Receipt of payment services;
  7. Four photos of foreigners and stateless persons 3.5×4.5 centimeters (matte paper);
  8. A copy of the certificate given by tax authority about getting  identification number (if there is one)


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