The system of legal rules, which regulate social relations that appear in the process of organization and realization of executive power. Administrative law determines the status of authorities their activity in the field of management and ways to ensure the rule of law in public administration.

What should I do if the police stopped me?

Verification of documents by the police or What should I do if the police stopped me? Step 1. A police officer who stopped you, must give you his name and rank. You have the right to require  his service certificate. You should memorize, and it is better to write down the data indicated in the certificates of […]

National Police

New Law of Ukraine “On the National Police” dated 2 Jule 2015 enshrines some innovations. Let’s review the most important “novelties”. According to the Law of Ukraine “On the National Police” the National Police of Ukraine is the central executive body which serves to the society providing protection of human rights and freedoms, resistance of […]

Ban of smoking in public places

According to the current legislation of Ukraine the sale of tobacco products, items related to their use, to people under 18 years of age, and smoking in “public places” – is prohibited. In order to avoid incidents look at the places where smoking is prohibited, and any penalties for violating the ban are provided. In […]